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the xxxy logo, a transgender symbol with an eyeball in the middle
the XXXY logo
Formation August 1st, 2020
Members David Leo
April Evelyn Oxford
Eric Graci
Spencer Ray
Solana Hiraya Galura
Susan Horn
Hex Geissinger
Shiloh Blue
Type Artist collective

XXXY is an artist collective for transgender experimentalist artists that focuses primarily on experimental video art. It was formed online in summer 2020, founded initially by David Leo and Eric Graci. The collective is named after a combination of sex chromosones.

Activity and reception

Starting in 2020, the collective became active on YouTube and started posting short experimental videos. About a year after their conception, member April Oxford began posting her music to the channel, which eventually led to the group creating a record label. The group also expresses interest in publishing zines and upon having the resources to meet up, making more involved art.

Notable videos

The video HOT NEWS! is currently the most viewed XXXY video, as it allgedly comes up upon search results for girls pissing.

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